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Pigeon Theatre are making a new show suitable for 3-5 year olds.

Today it is Raining                                                                                                                       pigeon rain 5

It is raining.  And grey. We are stuck inside with nothing to do.

We are making a show about the weather, and in particular bad weather, and
about reading books, and in particular books about bad weather. It will
rain, there will be wind, and a storm with thunder and lightning and it
will be grey.  And we will be stuck inside, and the only thing to do is to
read books about the weather.  And there is a drip and a puddle that is
getting bigger.  And there is a wet spider and a wet doctor and wet books.  And
the stories and the characters in the books are slowly taking over.

Warning:  you may get wet…

Today it is Raining tours the UK this Spring 2015. It’s supported by Arts Council England and Z-Arts.

Pigeon Theatre are a Manchester and Leeds-based contemporary performance company. Their work is experimental and interactive – they use nontraditional spaces and unconventional social arrangements to create shared intimacies between them and their audience. They have been making and touring innovative theatre since 2001.




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